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Money Management God's Way SERIES Money Management God's Way

Dr. Howard Daniel
June 25,2017
Proverbs 3:9-10

Intentional Dads SERIES Intentional Dads

Dr. Howard Daniel encourages dads to learn how to intentionally…

Tuesday Night June 6th, 2017 SERIES Tuesday Night June 6th, 2017

Dr. Matt Queen shows us how to share the gospel using everyday…

Monday Night June 5th, 2017 SERIES Monday Night June 5th, 2017

Dr. Matt Queen shows us how to share the gospel using everyday…


Summer Sermon Series

A great summer sermon series for your faith!

Family Palooza 2017

Learn to share your faith using everyday evangelism!

The Worthy Walk

Join us to learn how to grow in your faith in 2017!

Responses to Christ at Christmas

How do you respond to Christmas?

Stand Strong: Highlights in the ministry of Elijah the prophet

This series will challenge you to stand strong for the Lord.

Individual Sermons

Guest Speakers

Jesus: The Great Difference Maker

Jesus wants to be your difference maker!

Contend or Compromise?

a study of the New Testament book of Jude

Marriage Exposed!

This series will expose the good, the bad, and the ugly of some famous biblical marriages.


Are you on a LifeQuest: a quest to find meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction in life?

Christmas Rediscovery

Experience the spiritual wonder of Christmas!

Playlist from the Psalms

Playlist from the Psalms

What Is a Deacon?

Pastor Howard teaches what a Deacon is, and who may be one.

Guest Preacher, Matt Ruzicka

South Park's Youth Pastor teaches on the question, "Can believers lose their salvation?"

Grace To Go On

A Study of 1 Peter

Family Matters Conference

Marriage; the Next Generation; Finances

Mother's Day 2015

Hannah, A Woman of Grace

Tackling 4 Tough T's

Tension, Tithing, Temper, & Talking

Words from the Cross

Jesus' words spoken from the cross...

Sneak Preview

What happens when you die?

Christmas Presents from Heaven

Jesus - the Indescribable Present

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Be-Attitudes