Why get connected to a Small Group?


It's all about being an active member in the Church Body...


It's hard to read the New Testament without seeing the significance and value of community. That's what the Small Groups at South Park are all about. We come together weekly for a meal, fellowship, prayer and discussing the Word and its impact. They're driven to help us get to know one another, to dig deep, and be a significant part of each other's lives. It's practical, powerful, and biblical!


And another great thing: they meet all throughout the week in the comfortable setting of a church member's home. It's easy to find a group that fits your schedule. So are you ready for a deeper connection with the Body? 


          Sundays  @ 6:00 PM    Hobbs         320 Lake Line Drive, Alvin, Texas 77511

          Sundays  @ 6:00 PM    Flores          122 East Sherwood Drive, Alvin, Texas 77511

          Mondays @ 6:30 PM    Lupercio     3003 Quail Run Drive, Alvin, Texas 77511

          Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM    Robinson   3530 County Road 183, Alvin, Texas 77511


Click Here to send us your name, email/phone if you would like more Small Group info or to sign up!